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The Middle of Nowhere.
in US

Sometimes our deepest thoughts reside only and only in the 'middle of nowhere'. It is a stupid question that a person like me asks when he knows the world is not offering answers to other, more real questions. So where is nowhere?

I guess, it is that ethereal space that lies hidden in the empties between the physical world of neurons and synapses, chemicals and electrical sparks -- somewhere, between all this matter. And sometimes, just sometimes, one of our elusive neurons forays beyond its natural territory; or perhaps the normally ordained gray matter disrupts its normal spatial arrangement and viola: we are in the middle of nowhere. We discover a new idea, a new thought, a new phrase, or story. Only that it isn't new. It always existed within us, a child of our experiences and life. We just had to make contact.

I have felt that these connections are not just chance occurrences. They happen, and they happen more when we allow our minds to roam  free; our thoughts to wander. The more freedom we give ourselves in the abstract, the more likelihood we have of violating the sacrosanct physical territory of matter.

How I love to transgress this domain. It happens sometimes. But not often enough. But as I focus more and more on my writing, the frequency is on the up.

As I prepare myself for tomorrow; I love being alone tonight in Lahore, which is not the middle of nowhere; but right now I am.

PS; I am not doing drugs right now. Though that is also a shortcut to that middle of nowhere. Hashish anyone?

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"Did We Just Get High?"

A couple of years ago Scott and I invited a friend of mine to our house and we were watching a movie called "What the Bleep do We Know?", which I can only describe as a wild part fiction, part documentary, part animated film that explores a little bit about quantum physics. After it was all over, my friend turned to me and asked, "did we get high?"

It was classic and this post reminds me of that moment. And -- despite the cerebral and metaphysical tone of the post, I'm with you! Scary :)

Re: "Did We Just Get High?"

It was just one of those moments, i was having, where I was having difficulty expressing, even understanding myself.
That story you narrated is truly funny.
Thanks God, I'm not alone. Now that would be scary.

Approaching the Middle

Several years ago there was a cartoon in the New Yorker showing a couple in a car, looking at a map reading "NOWHERE." A roadsign read, "Approaching the Middle." Utopia, I believe, means nowhere, and Samuel Butller's Erewhon is an anagram of nowhere. So perhaps the middle of nowhere is the site of creativity.

Many of the places I have lived or worked have been described thus--Elkhart, Indiana gave us four Pulitzer Prize winners, while Carl Sandburg came from Galesburg, Illinois. But I like your idea of the middle of nowhere as a state of mind--that even in a world-class city such as Lahore, or, in my case, Philadelphia, one can be in nowhere--and be approaching the middle.

Steve Wylder

Re: Approaching the Middle

Steve Hi,
four Pulitzer Prizes for Elkhart. Do they mix something in the water?

Since I've started writing, Ihave been talking to writers, joined writing groups and forums. Now after some time, I realise how formulaic it all seems. The advice I have often gotten seems to steer you towards a formula of writing.
The idea of letting yourself free of structures appeals to me.
The middle of nowhere, for me is a state of mind, and hopefully, I think, it allows me to think more freely.

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