raphee (reality967) wrote,

Eid Mubarik and a Madrisssah

 Eid Mubarik, everyone.

I'm off to my villge to have this Eid with friends and family. I'll also visit our lands also
There is also a madrissah set up by my grandfather many years ago.; don't jump out of your seats. This is a a totally innocous madrissah that only teaches basic education and things like reading the Quran to farmers whose children can't even afford going to schools.

I have some ideas to set up a small library there and start talking to the villagers to modernize the madrissah. I need the people to understand that this is in their interest. If the stakeholders don't agree, nothing works. \that is my experience in life. Give me your ideas as to how \i can achieve this. Oh and don't say you don't know the area...sometimes, not knowing is also a way to unlock new ideas. I'll talk about this some day.

For now I have to pack.

Again Eid Mubarrik.
Tags: education, eid, madrissah

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