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Eid Mubarik and a Madrisssah
in US
 Eid Mubarik, everyone.

I'm off to my villge to have this Eid with friends and family. I'll also visit our lands also
There is also a madrissah set up by my grandfather many years ago.; don't jump out of your seats. This is a a totally innocous madrissah that only teaches basic education and things like reading the Quran to farmers whose children can't even afford going to schools.

I have some ideas to set up a small library there and start talking to the villagers to modernize the madrissah. I need the people to understand that this is in their interest. If the stakeholders don't agree, nothing works. \that is my experience in life. Give me your ideas as to how \i can achieve this. Oh and don't say you don't know the area...sometimes, not knowing is also a way to unlock new ideas. I'll talk about this some day.

For now I have to pack.

Again Eid Mubarrik.

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Great ideas

Hope everything works out on your visit. One person at a time -- that's probably the best way to change the world. God knows the governments have succeeded only in changing it for the worse.

And thanks again for all your responses to the thread on my site.

Tim Hallinan

Hi Tim,
Just got back this evening. It's been a learning experience for me too at your blog. I'll be there soon.
My motto is to at least try.
Thanks for the message.


Hey, look at me! I'm speaking Urdu. Thank you Wikipedia :)

Well hey, this might be a crazy idea, but what if you got a list of updated books or materials they could modernize with, and set up a paypal thing and made it a project that we could contribute to? Would they be open to participation from westerners?

Just an idea, but I'd be happy to promote something like that on my blog.

Hi Lisa,

Eid Mubarak to you too. If I keep at it, I'll try to have you reach the exalted status of honorary Pakistani soon.

It is a great idea that you sent.

Here are the problems:
I visited the site this time with a critical eye. I have some 1000sq yd of land in the village. This is for the Marrissa.
I have much more land that is all farming land. The madrissah itself is well constructed but needs a rehaul to set it as a small school, or vocational center.

I have spoken to some people, though the response is lukewarm but not dead cold. I'll be working on this in the coming months and seeing how best to lay out a plan that works.

As to your paypal idea.: That makes geat sense.
Your question on openness: They are open all right. As a matter of fact, If this plan goes through I want the kids here to have internet and that they communicate with kids in some school say in America. That way they form friends, and realize, on both sides: here and there, that they are actually communicating with human beings. Not relying on some guy in between i.e. us or the village cleric to provide an understanding of all that is wrong with 'them' and that 'they the others' are evil.

Once I can have the infrastructure and the plan I'll need a lot of help from people like you.
Of course finances is a concern. Let us see if I can arrange that.

btw: it is my experience that the people actually want to communicate with westerners. They actually want to see them and learn from them. That is the smallest of my concerns. As a matter of fact they would respond enthusiastically to this.
Now if only things start happening the way I want them to.
Thanks.....or as we say in Urdu: Meherbani

Belated Eid Mubarik and a vowel shift?

A belated Eid Mubarik to you! I'm just curious--the term we use in the States is madrasah. Is madrissah an Urdu or Punjabi variant? (In my DC novel I have Helena studying at an Islamic school in Lahore.) And of course there's the problem of transliteration from the Perso-Arabic alphabet.

Forgot to ssign the last post, though you've certainly figured it out.

Steve Wylder

And Eid Mubarak to you,

I'll get back to you with your answer for madrasah/madrissah. We tend to use both words here in Pakistan. The word itself is Arabic.
Dars.....Lesson of learning.
Madaris......plural of madrasah

Frankly, I've seen the Pakistani English newspapers quite open to the what pronunciation they use. It's like saying Mecca (English variant) or makkah (correct pronunciation.)
There isn't any variant to the word in Punjabi while writing, but in speaking we get away with quite a bit as in most languages.
But I promise to get back.

Of course i knew it was you.
Thanks for the wishes.

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