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In Multan
in US
 Right now in Multan in my hotel room. Tomorrow I have a whole day of work. Wonder if i can complete the scene I want to rewrite.

Now I'm also wondering if my decision to change the last scene to step up the pace was a good idea. I combined two plot elements into one. I think I should go back to the previous person, and the pace should be increased some other way. These what if questions are killing me.

Better read the scene before dinner starts  in a hour or so. Yep dinner tonight is at 12,  at night. Crazy huh.

I'll try to get some pics of Multan, if I find the time. It's a wonderful city with lots of things to admire: history, Sufism, first major seat of Muslim power in the Sub-continent, mangoes. Ah, well, back to work.


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