raphee (reality967) wrote,

Drafts—Lots of Drafts

Now here’s what you don't do while writing a novel: Don’t write variations of your singular idea, and don't write them to completion, so that you end up with umpteen drafts floating in your head and on paper.

But your friendly neighborhood advisor did just that, and is now paying the price for his sins.

After much contemplation, I’m narrowing myself down to a fresh outline. This shall be a combo of all these drafts. Before I do that I need to look at the outlines of the original drafts. Once I do that, and let me tell you, I do not want to have anything to do with outlines at the moment—then I shall proceed to work on that one outline. Till then I’m not writing my novel. Just outlining.

What did you say, every black cloud has a silver outline ;)

Tags: writing

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